Tebis opens representative office in the heart of Tokyo


Tebis has relied on an influential sales partner in Japan since 2001: For those in the know, Marubeni Information Systems Co., Ltd. is a leading full-service provider of IT solutions in the software and capital goods sectors. Tebis is expanding its presence in the land of the rising sun with its new representative office in Tokyo.

The success of the collaboration with Marubeni speaks for itself: Nearly 200 companies in Japan are now working with Tebis. They include most of the OEMs in the automotive industry as well as their tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers.

"A development like this would have been unthinkable without Marubeni," says Gerardo Müller, Director of Channel Sales at Tebis. "And the potential is still far from exhausted. The Japanese market is growing rapidly. Many companies in die, model and mold manufacturing are looking for efficient CAD/CAM solutions to help them stand up to stiff competition. The new representative office will allow us to shorten the information path between Tebis and our sales partners.“

The conditions for this undertaking are perfect: The new Tebis office directly adjoins the space occupied by MSYS. Tebis Country Manager Christian Zierhut now supports Marubeni directly on site with his strong marketing expertise. He helps develop marketing and sales strategies that focus on national target groups, provides background information on technical and business questions, works with Tebis Headquarters on the special requirements of the Japanese market and coordinates all market-related activities.


Representatives from both Marubeni and Tebis opened the new representative office on July 14 with a traditional "Kampai" for success. Those present included Yoji Ibuki, MSYS President and CEO, Masakazu Ikawa, MSYS Managing Executive Officer, Satoshi Kousaka, MSYS General Manager and Hisashi Yamaguchi, MSYS Department General Manager – along with Dr. Thomas Wrede, Tebis AG CEO, Gerardo Müller, Tebis AG Director of Channel Sales and Christian Zierhut, Tebis AG Japan Country Manager.


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