Tebis Version 4.0 is on the market


Many Tebis customers have already switched to the current Tebis version 4.0. We have been receiving extremely positive feedback. Companies are using the new user interface and many new and extended functions to complement their processes and to improve productivity and flexibility.

Users of Tebis Version 4.0 benefit from the new, simplified and clear process that guides the user in the new GUI. The new Tebis Starter also helps to quickly and easily configure the application and to select different configurations.

The new user interface immediately grabs your attention. Just as useful are the many add-ons in the machining functions, which range from full-width detection and avoidance and strategies to prevent holder collisions to new strategies for surface machining with constant 3D lateral stepover. This enables you to fully benefit from the existing potential of your machining system while achieving milling results that don't require remachining.

The new "Surface Optimization - automatic" add-on provides solutions for surfaces with inadequate quality and prevents costly problems in many processes at the touch of a button.

The familiar highly automated NC templates for drilling, toleranced fits, threads and standard pockets now also support you in processing planar surfaces, contours and pockets of any type. This allows you to program even complex 2.5D machining operations in the shortest possible time.

We are making advances in the complete virtual simulation of the manufacturing environment. Aside from collision checking, you can now use the "Programming with virtual machine" to plan optimal setups, tools and tool orientations. This significantly shortens your setup and manufacturing times. And the exact determination of machining time lets you know when your machines are available for the next machining operation.

Also new is the possibility of programming 6-axis articulated robots with Tebis. This ensures seamless integration of these space-saving and cost-effective machines in your manufacturing process.

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