Tebis Version 4.0 Part 3

Maximum efficiency and quality


The new graphical user interface in Tebis Version 4.0 was developed in accordance with well-defined ergonomic criteria that will support you even more in your daily work. Many new features have been added to its functionality. Model, die and mold manufacturers are not the only users who will benefit from the innovations in full width-machining, 3D stepover and residual stock machining.

Optimize machine performance

Utilize your machining tools even more efficiently with the new full-width identification function. Tebis continuously examines the current degree of wrapping on the toolpath and compares it with the permissible value specified in the tool library. If the degree of wrapping exceeds the marginal value, the system reduces the feed rate to the full-width feed rate defined for this tool. Because the required values are centrally stored in the tool library, you automatically gain process reliability – it simply isn’t possible to forget or use the wrong one. You also benefit from longer tool life, lower tool costs and shorter machining times because the system always traverses at the optimal feed rate. If you want to completely avoid full-width machining, you can use the new trochoidal full-width option.

Manufacturing at top quality

To improve surface quality even more, we now offer new strategies with optimized 3D stepover. The available options are curve-synchronous for all areas and Z-variable for steep component areas. Both variants are based on the specification of guide curves for designing the optimal path layout. For this purpose, we created another new function for generating guide curves. It enables you to obtain all the required parameters for the tool and elements from the corresponding NC calculations. Thanks to the user-designed guide curves, you now have maximum contact options and can use your expertise to fully adapt the machining to your requirements. For closed-sloped areas, you can also use the area limits as your guide curves. Because the system adheres to the specified 3D lateral stepover in flat and steep areas when calculating the toolpath, you will obtain a uniformly optimal surface quality over the entire component. At the same time, you can reduce your time and effort for manufacturing because you traverse at optimal feed rates, thanks to a very uniform material entry – which results in a shorter machining time and lower tool costs. The conveniently generated guide curves also result in less effort in NC programming.

Maximum automation of NC programming

We are systematically expanding your options for automated NC programming. In curve-oriented residual-stock machining, for example, Tebis is now able to automatically exclude areas where the shank or holder of the tool will come too close to the component or protected surfaces, or will possibly collide with them. This gives you more flexibility, because until now the system had to calculate 5-axis avoidance movements which are suitable for dynamic 5-axis machines. Using the new solution, you’re now able to continue the machining on 3- or 3+2-axis machines with a different tilt direction and exploit the advantages of shorter tools: maximum productivity, process reliability and optimal manufacturing results. Thanks to its seamless integration in the programming process, your machining will be completed faster. The new, specially developed, logically structured graphical user interface also supports the optimal operation of your CAD/CAM processes.


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