VW Mexico relies on Tebis for its die manufacturing


Tebis was able to provide VW with a convincing and coherent overall concept consisting of both services and specific software solutions.

Tebis worked with VW personnel to prepare a comprehensive process and structure analysis in which all process and productivity gaps were identified and existing potentials were analyzed. The correct software configurations and implementation measures were derived based on these results. 

Tebis assumes responsibility for project management during the implementation phase. Tebis experts train the personnel on site and provide support in reorganizing the entire work sequence, from order receipt to the finished product, and in establishing standardized procedures for automated NC manufacturing. The Tebis solution for die surface design will be introduced in 2017.

VW expects a significant increase in efficiency from the collaboration with Tebis. Some examples of the defined goals are increasing machine run time, improving process reliability and reducing tryout expenses. The project partners anticipate that the investment costs will be fully amortized over two years.


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