Tebis presents a complete solution for better machine utilization at Euromold 2014


On average, machines in model, mold and die manufacturing are in productive operation only 30% of the time. The other 70% of the time, the machines are being set up or serviced or are not in use at all. Tebis AG from Martinsried near Munich presented a complete solution that companies can use to improve the productive times of their machines at this year's Euromold exhibition in Frankfurt from November 25 to 28, 2014.

Tebis AG is committed to helping customers manufacture more quickly and efficiently at the lowest possible cost. The starting point is productive machine utilization within a company. The company, which sees itself as a provider of high-efficiency processes, has expanded its portfolio with a software and service solution for increasing machine run times.

Concepts and measures for machine utilization

Every hour your machines run longer reduces their hourly cost. Increasing run time also increases throughput and reduces the overall manufacturing cost of your products. Machine run time is a crucial determining factor. In 90 percent of all cases, it directly affects the company’s results and increases efficiency and competitiveness.

Theoretically, machines can work productively for 8,400 hours per year. Tebis AG has evaluated data from more than 100 industry participants and has determined that, on an annual average, the machines are working productively only 30 percent of the time. Another approximately 20 percent is relegated to downtime for tasks like setup, programming at the machine, servicing or missing information. These machines are not in operation at all for nearly 50 percent of the time. Many organizations do not know their machine run times and are unaware of the extent of utilization of their machinery. Jens Lüdtke, Head of Tebis Consulting, explained the product in Frankfurt: "We start with machine run time; our goal is to reduce hourly costs with higher run times so that our customers can produce more cost-effectively". “To ensure that we reach this goal, we sell more than just software. We work together with our customer to develop a concept and jointly define measures they can implement to increase their machine run time. On request, we then support our customers in implementing these measures."

Payment contingent on success

Depending on the project, the implementation of an elaborated concept may require consulting services, software, training and implementation work. Tebis AG prorates costs for the solution, allowing customers to pay for consulting services based on how successful the project is and how much their machine run times increase. "We take responsibility for the measures we recommend to companies and for how we implement them. That's why we make payment dependent on success," explained Jens Lüdtke.




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