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Tebis improves your automotive production with innovative technology throughout the entire CAD/CAM/NC process chain. You retain control over all processes from the constant changes in form development from the design phase to machining of injection molds and draw dies to precisely timed final machining of caste and forged series parts. Tebis transforms reality to a simulated virtual world and gives you the results you need. You can keep costs for material, machining, and corrections to a minimum and accelerate your entire process. You can manage your design and manufacturing processes in a specialized software environment.

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You can quickly and easily design surfaces with Tebis at the start of the modeling cycle – in design studies, cubings and prototypes. And you can benefit from the high degree of software automation and flexibility in NC programming. These benefits also extend to molds, dies and fixtures, or to the series production of power train and chassis components. 



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Tebis lets you implement good design with a solid and innovative technical basis. The powerful functions for digitizing, digitized data processing and reverse engineering within a system ensure that even complex geometries remain simple and tasks can be quickly completed – always with outstanding results. You can quickly and easily make changes in the design geometry by automatically morphing surface models.

Tebis lets you prepare your parts optimally for later NC programming. Mesh and hybrid models let you work just as well as with pure surface data. You can effectively and reliably include all manufacturing-related corrections in the die surfaces, thus supporting the programming and manufacturing process and significantly reducing the expenditure for corrections in the try-out phase. Your NC programming procedures are accelerated and process reliability is increased with NC templates, and you have access to the comprehensive automation possibilities. You can use the entire spectrum of machining processes – from drilling ,2.5D milling and 3, 3+2 or 5-axis simultaneous machining to turning, laser cutting or robot applications. Integral machine simulation visualizes your benefits along the entire process chain: This simplifies planning, prevents collisions and checks travel and orientation areas. Optimum machine setup with different sizes of parts for reliable low-personnel manufacturing even on weekends.

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