CAD and NC services

Increase capacity – Eliminate bottlenecks

If necessary, we can free up your personnel and assume design and engineering services such as reverse engineering in design modeling, die surface treatment in die manufacturing, and milling preparation.

With our many years of experience in die and mold manufacturing, we're your expert partner you can completely rely on every step of the way. We perform all design and programming tasks for you quickly and flexibly, and all from a single source. Think of us as your extended workbench.

CAD and NC services


Mikael Aikio

Project Manager +46 31 700 17 40 Further information

Reverse engineering in design model making

You certainly have no lack of creativity in the design process – but perhaps you lack the right tools. Using reverse engineering and our BREP technologies, we work with you to generate all CAD data – from vehicle bodies to art sculptures.

Die surface process in die manufacturing

Do you have a die but no data? This is exactly where our process chain begins – we digitize your hardware. Using the digitized data, we create precise and class-A die surface models, which you can then use to very easily correct your dies.

Sheet metal forming requires experience, and it's even better when this experience is bundled in systems and processes. Together with the latest simulation tools, your expertise in die spotting and our surface morphing technologies, we have successfully sorted out every component to date.

Whether it's clearing, pressing surfaces or blade geometries, we're just as much at home with the die surface process as you are. We'd be happy to work on a joint project to show you how die surfaces can be completed faster using our current Tebis CAD technologies.

Milling preparation and exact geometries

Do you know a surface specialist who can also mill? We do. Working together, we support your programming for quick, manufacturing-oriented preparation of the design data. We increasingly work toward exact surfaces.

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