Grouping features and defining machining sequences

How can I ensure that first the top features and then the bottom features are machined in exactly the sequence I want?

Features can be grouped in Tebis. Grouped features are machined together. You can specify the sequence in which the individual features in the feature group should be machined.

Here's how you do it


Select command "Feature / Group / Group". The "Parameters" dialog opens.


Option "Sequence" must be checked to enable subsequent sorting of the machining sequence!


Select the features you want to combine in a group. Click "Apply".


Select the next features you want to combine in a group. Click "Apply" and close the dialog. The grouped features will be identified with the "Group" banner in the display window The machining sequence is numbered.


Click the "Strategy" button for the corresponding NCJob in the Job Manager. The "Strategy" dialog opens.


Three prerequisites must be fulfilled to enable machining of the groups in the sequence you specify: The first entry in the "Optimization" area must be "Group". This entry must be activated, i.e. highlighted in blue. In addition, no other entries shall be active. The position of an entry can be changed by dragging and dropping. The entries can be activated and deactivated by double-clicking.


You can learn more about grouping features by calling up the context-sensitive help for function "Feature / Group".


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