Recognizing all bores as features

I want to assign bores to features from the library in my CAD model with the "Feature/Scan" function (Identify features from geometries). But not all the bores – in this example, the gold-colored bore parallel to the XY plane – are recognized. What can I do in this case?

Generally, geometry features are only recognized as features if it is certain that the feature geometries can be machined with no collisions. Bores that are not cleanly trimmed are therefore not assigned to any feature. However, you can configure the system so that these bores are also recognized as features.

Here's how you do it


Open the configuration. This is done by selecting the "Tebis / Configuration" command in the menu. The "Configuration" dialog box opens.


Highlight the "Feature design/Identification" entry in the tree structure. Deactivate the "Check results" parameter in the "Identification 3D surfaces ruled geometry" area.


Restart feature recognition. All bores are now recognized.


Note that the collision check will indicate a component collision for these features. If you wish to avoid this, you should retrim the part at the corresponding points.

Open the context-sensitive help menu in the "Feature/Scan" function to obtain more information about assigning geometry elements to features. 


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