Generate, supplement and change surface models

Tebis add-ons from the design category are tailored to very special tasks in the industrial design process chain as well as in die, mold and model manufacturing. They are used to generate, supplement and modify free-form surfaces and lay the foundation for high-quality manufacturing results. You can easily expand your industry and special packages as needed.



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The Reverse Engineering - design add-on provides a complete scope of functions for design reverse engineering: You can mix curves and surfaces oriented to mesh data with freely designed curves and surfaces, which matches "outdated" surfaces with current mesh data, for example. This is also the best equipment when handling processes with multiple optimization loops such as those in the form development process in product design or in manufacturing sheet metal forming tools (try-out). This add-on requires BREP Base and Reverse Engineering - classic.


  • Significant time savings
  • Improve the form development process by verification with real models
  • Integrate designed curves and surfaces in the intelligent BREP wireframe


  • Switch between reverse engineering and free-form design
  • Adapt surfaces to wireframe model
  • Generate extension surfaces
  • Further editing of curves and surfaces
  • Import of outdated surfaces and match with current mesh data


  • Generating and modifying design surfaces for CAD systems from any mesh data

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