NC Efficiency

Can it go a little faster?

Expand your NC workstations specifically for greater efficiency. Robots are filling the gap between manual manufacturing and machine centers. You can use virtual machines to optimize your manufacturing. Simultaneous calculation processes accelerate your NC programming. Multiple Setup and Tool Match bring measurable time benefits to your shop.

NC Efficiency


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You can use this add-on to plan setups, tools and tool orientation using virtual machine models before programming. You can set up the machine and associated equipment (chucks, steady rests, tailstocks) during the definition of NC machining steps. The equipment can be individually positioned within the NC program, as can additional machine axes such as a gantry axis or quill. You can individually optimize calculated toolpaths during the machine simulation.


  • Virtual checking of manufacturing feasibility
  • Significantly reduced setup times with virtual optimized setup and manufacturing planning
  • Controlled programming of complex machines with equipment and additional axes
  • Reliability with modeling of the actual manufacturing environment
  • Correction options even without renewed NC calculation


  • Uses realistic virtual machine models
  • Controls the machines via specific postprocessors


  • NC programming in virtual model of real manufacturing environment
  • Especially suited for complex machining steps as well as machines with rotating/pivoting kinematics, equipment units and additional axes

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