Quality Assurance

Quality without compromise

Quality assurance is an important part of every manufacturing chain. That's why the end-to-end Tebis solution integrates the testing of any parts or electrodes directly into the manufacturing process. Whether you want to measure your parts on milling or measuring machines with NC control or by hand – Tebis provides all the necessary functions. Manufacture quality. Right from the start.

Quality Assurance


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This add-on provides functions for simply ensuring part quality with your manually guided measuring machines. Basic functions for measurement on manually guided machines are provided in the Measure Base add-on.


  • Easily integrate quality assurance in existing processes
  • Quality checking directly on Tebis record set – single-system strategy
  • Easily align parts


  • Calibrate measuring probe
  • Use extended functions to align parts with measuring machines
  • Perform specified/actual comparison of geometry and part


  • Manually guided measurement of points, circles, cylinders, curves and free-form surfaces
  • Quality checking

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