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Tebis Viewer special packages bridge the gap between the virtual computer world of CAD and CAM and the real processes in planning, manufacturing and assembly. The software provides personnel with the necessary information and lays the foundation for precise calculation and effective work preparation. It ensures that the correct tools are output and that all data relevant for manufacturing, such as for tools, setup and NC programs, are available at the milling machine. The Viewer special packages prevent unnecessary requests for further information and interruptions and ensure smooth processing.



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Key features of the Viewer special packages:

  • You can import, visualize, organize and structure data and supplement it with your own comments
  • Dimension 3D model (coordinates, lengths, diameter etc.) and determine surface areas and volumes
  • Analyze CAD geometry and quality (slopes, curvatures, plane and rounded surfaces, defects)
  • Preview of automatically correctable surface defects (risks, segments, gaps)
  • Compare design versions
  • Create intersection curves interactively
  • Access databases relevant to manufacturing (tools, virtual machines, machining sequences)
  • View NC programs with milling parameters and call up NC information in the Job Manager
  • Simulate toolpaths and test them for collisions
  • Adjust technical values in toolpaths
  • Output NC programs via postprocessors
  • Prepare NC documentation in XML format
  • Obtain information on machine, setups and tools
  • Track machining with simulation of material removal

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