Tebis CAD/CAM for Precision Trimming with Robots

Using the right CAD/CAM software is crucial when it comes to precision manufacturing. By introducing Tebis CAD/CAM software to CNC Robotics, they can produce high quality parts while reducing cycle times.

Robots are becoming more and more popular in the manufacturing process, mainly because of their flexibility and speed as manufacturers need to produce parts with more complex shapes whilst reducing costs and maintaining excellent quality. This is especially true for trimming and milling operations.

To meet today’s challenges, Tebis provides a specialist Trimming and Milling CAD/CAM package, which supports robot trimming and milling with up to 7 axes including rotary tables and linear axes. Tebis programs will make robot trimming and milling operations faster and more effective, and enable time savings up to 75% comparing operations of conventional machine tools while ensuring process reliability with low user interaction.

  • Tebis CAD/CAM for high quality efficient robotic trimming with multiple options

    Based in Liverpool, as a trusted Tebis technical partner, CNC Robotics is a specialist robotic integrator with solutions for manufacturing components and porotypes within a large range of sectors, from automotive prototyping, composite & plastics, yacht and boat building to architecture, etc.

    CNC Robotics has recently used Tebis CAD/CAM software to drive Kuka robots to trim polo helmets, which are made of Kevlar reinforced carbon fibre composite material. The finish expectation was very high as it will be worn by the most exclusive customers. Therefore, the finish precision has to be perfect to satisfy the customers’ needs. It was proven that Tebis CAD/CAM software ensured high quality consistently whilst reducing cycle times. Ease of use and collision free toolpath generation were also clear advantages. Chris Edwards, Operation Director at CNC Robotics tells: “Tebis has a broad product offering that allows us to offer a solution with a single user interface.”

  • What can you expect from Tebis?

    “Working with Tebis is very straightforward”, “I like to work with an application engineer who knows the software very well and who is not afraid to introduce or bring in more people to help us,” Chris advisers. Phil Smith, Applications Engineer at Tebis UK, comments as well: “We develop the software based on the feedback from Tebis users, and continue to improve the software to an even higher level.” Choosing the right CAD/CAM software is as important as investing money in high quality machine tools. This is like buying an expensive car, you wouldn’t spend a lot of money on the vehicle and then, add poor quality fuel.

    Tebis has years of experience in manufacturing software: “With a good reputation,” says Mr. Edwards.

    Mr Edwards also describes in three words what it is like to work with Tebis: “positive, meticulous and fun.”

    Tebis is not only offering excellent solutions for machines but also being a partner and supporting customers with any query. As a result, customers can really rely on Tebis.

    To watch the full video of the trimming operation of the polo helmets with Kuka robot, please click here.



Tebis has a broad product offering that allows us to offer a solution with a single user interface.



  • Tebis produced high quality parts while reducing cycle times


Component manufacturing


CNC Robotics Limited,


Liverpool, United Kingdom


Chris Edwards


Operations Director



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