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Manufacturing a turbine casing quickly and efficiently

Optimally plan the manufacturing process, and generate and output fully collision-checked NC programs quickly and easily. With the ProLeiS MES solution from Tebis: Template-based NC programming, high-performance 5-axis functions and high-precision simulation technology. Optimally implement modern high-performance tools like HPC tools and circle-segment cutters.

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Robots are becoming more and more popular in the manufacturing process, mainly because of their flexibility and speed as manufacturers need to produce parts with more complex shapes whilst reducing costs and maintaining excellent quality. This is especially true for trimming and milling operations.

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Companies are currently facing new challenges due to deadline pressure, increasingly complex products, rising price pressure and a growing shortage of qualified personnel. Many question whether they are prepared for the future…

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Success story

Tebis CAD/CAM for Precision Trimming with Robots

Using the right CAD/CAM software is crucial when it comes to precision manufacturing. By introducing Tebis CAD/CAM software to CNC Robotics, they can produce high quality parts while reducing cycle times.

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