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•    Improve Quality– Tebis generates highly accurate toolpaths on true surface models whilst also supporting toolpath generation on triangle meshes, therefore ensuring the highest surface finish and part quality. If your CAM package can only generate toolpaths on triangle meshes, you need to Talk To Tebis.

•    Collision Avoidance – Tebis offers unique programming with Virtual Machine technology. This technology takes the Virtual Machine model into consideration when calculating the toolpath to achieve an optimised machining process as well as guaranteeing the safety of the machine tool, part, cutting tool, clamps and other ancillary equipment. If your CAM package can only simulate the toolpath with machine geometry model after toolpath generation or you are worried about machining collisions, you need to Talk To Tebis.

•    Automation – Tebis offers advanced knowledge based Feature Machining technology to automate toolpath generation. Your best practice machining process together with machine tools, cutting tools, materials, and machining parameters can all be built into the Tebis database to reduce the work pressure on CAM engineers whilst ensuring the best results. If you are struggling to recruit and train CAM engineers or having problems in achieving consistent high quality results, you need to Talk To Tebis.

•    Right the First Time – With Tebis True Surface machining, Virtual Machine technology, Automation, and advanced machining strategies, high quality toolpaths can be generated “Right the First Time” without costly time consuming editing or loops of simulation and recalculation. If you are wasting time on toolpath editing or recalculation, you need to Talk To Tebis.

•    Integrated Package with Single User Interface – Tebis offers best in class 2 to 5 axis Milling, Multi-Axis Turning, 5 Axis Trimming, Laser cutting, Wire EDM, Robot machining, CAD, Reverse Engineering, Inspection and specialist die design tools all in one integrated package. If you are frustrated with isolated software packages, you need to Talk To Tebis.

•    Flexible Purchase or Rental – Tebis offers perpetual license purchases as well as annual rentals. Licenses can be node locked and also floated on a network of computers. If you are unhappy with forced rentals, you need to Talk To Tebis.

•    Save Time and Money – If you want to save time and money, you need to Talk To Tebis.

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