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Tebis at partner booths at the EMO 2017


In addition to presenting many highlights at its own EMO booth, Tebis is well represented at the booths of its partners. A closely knit network of machine and tool manufacturers and other providers fosters innovation and the growth of expertise in metal manufacturing. This cooperation is key for developing industry-wide solutions that ensure reliable, efficient and high-quality manufacturing.

Tebis is showcasing many highlights and new developments in building 25, booth B03, from the 18th to the 23rd of September, 2017. In keeping with the event’s slogan, "Connecting systems for intelligent production," Tebis is also well represented in the booths of its partners.

The Cheto Corporation, S.A. booth focuses on precise solutions for deep-hole drilling. At this booth, Cheto and Tebis jointly present a typical mold-manufacturing part. At a Tebis workstation, an expert demonstrates the new deep-hole drilling function, which meshes perfectly with the extended-cutting data table for the deep-drill tool type. With this capability, users can define the desired parameters within Tebis. A video also shows the preparation of the workpiece with Tebis, followed by processing on the machine. This end-to-end automated Tebis solution for deep-hole drilling produces high-quality parts quickly and without errors.
Building 16, booth B12

Emco Mecof GmbH focuses on milling at its EMO booth. This manufacturer of precision machine tools showcases milling machines in connection with specific solutions, such as the new Umill 1500 – a compact, 5-axis milling center. This machine is designed for complete machining of complex workpieces up to 4.5 tons in weight. The machine’s possibilities are ably demonstrated by using it with Tebis to show the programming and manufacturing of a cylinder head. On a workstation set up for serial manufacturing of this part, Tebis experts demonstrate 5-axis machining with an undercut on one of the inlet and outlet channels, as well as typical 2.5D machining.
Building 27, booth E07

As a highlight of the experience at the EMO booth of Tebis partner Fooke GmbH, visitors can witness the live manufacturing of a demo part: The part shows the inside of a trunk lid on one side and the outside on the other. It is produced using the highly dynamic Endura 7000Linear compact- gantry-milling machine, which is designed for high-performance heavy machining of solid and high-strength materials. Through the perfect coordination of Tebis software with this machine, effective roughing and finishing strategies are combined with high-feed-rate tools in an optimal implementation. In order to achieve high reliability in milling, Tebis continuously calculates the precise tool orientation with respect to the actual cutting geometry using an exact blank. These high-precision finishing strategies yield outstanding surface results. NC programming and simulation with Tebis as well as actual manufacturing sequences can also be seen on a video monitor.
Building 13, Booth A02

High-quality milling tools and high-performance software team up at the booth of partner Pokolm Frästechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Using a Tebis workstation, experts demonstrate how a cylinder with high-quality surfaces is milled with optimally coordinated systems. After scanning, the surfaces are reverse-engineered in Tebis and NC programming is performed. The integrated collision checking in the Tebis simulation process ensures reliable, error-free milling. The 1.5-kilogram hat shown here was generated in multiple setups using tools from Pokolm. At its booth, Pokolm presented a broad selection of precision tools, including the new Fourworx insert mill, for higher performance in high feed-rate milling, and the Mirroworx face mill, for absolutely smooth, mirror-like surfaces.
Building 4, booth B54

Tebis is also featured at the Starrag Technology GmbH booth. In addition to solutions for Industry 4.0, two newly developed Heckert machining centers will be on display at this booth. These machining centers feature machines designed for machining large to very large workpieces – a process in which Tebis cooperation plays a critical role. In a video, Tebis demonstrates how demanding, high-volume, mechanical-engineering parts can be created simply and efficiently with NC programming. Thanks to the collision check in Tebis, the new Droop+Rein FOGS HD high-performance machining center can now provide error-free machining with no interruptions. The FOGS HD milling-head systems are fully supported throughout the entire manufacturing process.
Building 12, Booth B60

F. Zimmermann GmbH and Tebis demonstrate efficient and reliable 5-axis roughing and finishing with two parts. A bracket is milled live using highly effective Tebis roughing strategies on the flexible FZ40compact gantry-milling machine. This compact machine is well-suited to cost-effective heavy machining, especially for steel and titanium workpieces and castings. A smaller version of the part on which various Tebis finishing strategies are demonstrated can also be seen at this booth. In addition, visitors can watch a Tebis expert demonstrate virtual manufacturing and programming on a Tebis workstation.
Building 13, booth B45

Visitors to the E. Zoller GmbH & Co. KG booth can test the online interface between Tebis and Zoller TMS Tool Management Solutions. The tool management system stores all tools with their respective cutting data. Thanks to this interface, users of the Tebis tool library for NC programming can always use the most up-to-date information on all drilling and milling tools. The required tools are transferred to Zoller TMS in a setup sheet so they are available at all times. Zoller also demonstrates many solutions for networked manufacturing, such as the new venturion 450 setup and measuring device. TMS Tool Management Solutions make it easy to integrate third-party systems and manage the tools.
Building 3, booth B-18

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