Tebis at MCAE in the 57th MSV International Engineering Trade Fair


With 1,500 exhibitors from 59 countries and over 59,000 visitors, the MSV International Engineering Trade Fair in the city of Brünn in the Czech Republic has become the leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe. At the 57th anniversary of this key event, MCAE and its partners presented the latest developments from the world of digital 3D technology under the motto "MCAE 3D Expo" from September 14-18, impressing visitors with their professional approach and their expertise in process solutions.

For Tebis, MCAE specifically presented highlights from the new Version 4.0: Key features include the new product structure with industry and application packages or Tebis reverse engineering, offering the best solution for every application from model manufacturing to industrial design. Visitors were impressed by the high surface quality provided by Tebis milling strategies in combination with high feed-rate cutters on a 5-axis HSC 70 from DMG Mori, on which a steel mold insert was milled. The new Tebis robot technology was also a special highlight. 

Modern robot technology

In a live demonstration, four machining examples showed how Tebis supports the implementation of robots in all applications. For example, a clay tractor design model was prepared in model manufacturing, parts were ground and polished in die manufacturing and plastic was cut in mold manufacturing. A very special feature: Tebis provides robots as virtual machines. The simulation takes place during NC programming. Subsequent robot simulation software is not necessary.

MCAE (Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering), headquartered in Kuřim in the Czech Republic, is a professional provider of digital 3D technology. The company provides complete solutions precisely tailored to customers' specific requirements, from planning to hardware and software to installation and support. The Czech provider bases its services on well-founded knowledge and long experience – MCAE celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

Key partners are Stratasys, GOM as well as Tebis AG, which has already enjoyed highly successful cooperation with MCAE for 14 years.


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