Tebis Version 4.0 Part 1

NC automation, trochoidal full-width machining, machine run time


At the end of last year, we introduced the new user interface for our Version 4.0. Many interested visitors who attended Euromold in November came to see the software in action and were very impressed.

But it’s not just the new design of the software that stands out – there’s also a range of new CAD and CAM functions designed to even further boost the efficiency of your processes. Learn more today about the latest key advances in the fields of NC automation, trochoidal full-width handling and machine run time.

NC automation

We've once again significantly expanded the automation process in NC programming. In 2.5D milling, there are now element features that describe planar surfaces (MPLAN), contours (MCONT), vertical surfaces (MVERT) and complex pockets (MPOCK). For those in the know: The terms in the brackets correspond to Tebis editing functions. These functions can now obtain all of the information required for editing directly from the feature. The advantage for you is clear: With the standardized variable machining sequences (NCSet) that you define in Tebis and a new editing function (MFEAT), you can complete the NC programming of complex components with just a few clicks of the mouse.

You can also use the element feature in 3+2-axis milling to define the required machining. Here you benefit from the simple and process-reliable component selection with a corresponding automatic element selection.

The complete machining simulation and check that are directly integrated in Tebis ensure problem-free processing at the NC machine.

Trochoidal full-with machining

The new full-width function avoids full wrap of the tool. Depending on the maximum contact, which is defined for each tool in the cutting data, the system automatically adapts the path layout to the geometry in full-width situations.

If desired, in both 3+2-axes roughing (RPLAN) and 2.5D milling (MPLAN, MCONT, MPOCK) the system will insert trochoidal cycles to avoid a full-width.

For you, the advantage of this new feature is a further increase in the degree of automation in NC machining, thanks to the optimal contact data from the tool library. Fast, reliable machining with high-feed cutters significantly lowers machining times while reducing the risk of tool breakage and machine downtime. Less tool wear increases the service life of the tool, reduces the number of tool changes and cuts costs.

Machine run time

To ensure that the machining centers operate with no interruptions, Tebis users can verify their machining operations by testing them at virtual machines. The parameters for a run-time calculation have been added to these virtual machines. Using the maximum speed and acceleration of each axis, the system calculates the run time for every NC program. It also takes into account the maximum processing speed of the controller, the number of NC blocks calculated in advance by the controller and the machine macros. A transparent display of the entire machining time in the job manager gives you a head start with your manufacturing planning and enables you to optimally utilize your machines.



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