Tebis Version 4.0 Part 2

Automatic preparation of small parts, easier and faster reverse engineering and an updated, sophisticated interface with new language options.


Let the countdown begin. We'll keep you up to date. Current topics: Automatic preparation of small parts, easier and faster reverse engineering and an updated, sophisticated interface with new language options.

Automatic preparation of small parts

With Tebis Version 4.0, it’s now easier than ever to manufacture small parts like trim steels, coining steels, inserts and stripper plates. Using an automated process, you can combine the die surfaces and solid data of the individual parts—often otherwise separated—into a precise solid. This solid corresponds precisely with the finished part, so you can create programs without additional machining allowances like those needed for intermittent ventilation or sheet-metal thickness. Tebis calculates an overall surface from all wall thicknesses and machining allowances. It also creates contour surfaces and required resets automatically. Plus, you no longer need to take care of extended surfaces, chamfer contours and fill surfaces for bores.

Thanks to this standardized process, you save a significant amount of time even as you reduce the risk of errors and gain a number of additional benefits. Tebis manufacturing templates store all the information needed to generate complete programs separately after the first and second setup. Allowances and wall thicknesses are built into the templates, so you no longer need to take them into account during machining and simulation.

Even a medium-sized die manufacturing company has to produce thousands of small parts each year. This highlights your potential benefits from standardizing manufacturing design. Whether you’re manufacturing cast parts, semi-finished products, new products, or reproductions, you’re sure to benefit from this new process solution. Tebis 4.0 also supports contract manufacturers’ requirements.

Our solution for reverse engineering

We have greatly expanded our solution for reverse engineering to incorporate the specific requirements of the design processes. You can cut the time needed for reverse engineering in half, both for surfaces with manufacturing quality and surfaces with design quality. For the first time, a digitized vehicle model can be transferred at 1:1 scale into a design surface model in 50 hours. For design quality, this process takes only 25 hours.

This performance boost is possible only with innovative technology. For instance, a new technology for surface approximation automatically adapts to segmentation, ensuring the smoothest possible surfaces and optimal transitions. Tebis 4.0 displays segmentation and shape deviation simultaneously, in real time, so you can directly evaluate and influence the results of surface generation.

Kinks in the wireframe model are automatically detected (per your tolerance settings). The desired sharp-edge surface transitions can be directly generated. You can therefore accelerate the design of complex surfaces.

You can reengineer more flexibly because Tebis 4.0 lets you choose at any time whether you would rather reverse engineer based on the reference object or just design freely. In addition, the system automatically synchronizes all trimming edges and boundary curves with great precision as soon as surfaces are changed.

A new function for curve optimization with integrated 3D modeling helps you generate a wireframe of class-A quality with G2 transitions and C3 continuity.

In addition to these fundamental technologies, Tebis 4.0 provides 17 other new functions for generating and editing design elements. CAD design and reverse engineering therefore benefit each other with unprecedented efficiency.

Multilingual and sophisticated

Tebis Version 4.0 not only offers you a completely redesigned user interface, it is also “more international.”</388> The V4.0 user interface offers eleven languages: newly added are Chinese, Japanese and Russian. With this diversity, Tebis provides a broad basis to support you as a global player. Establish new contacts, facilitate collaboration in global processes and tap into Tebis’ international potential. Tebis 4.0 removes language barriers and networks the CAD/CAM world.


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