An innovator in terms of Industry 4.0: Tebis at the AMB

Trade fair news: Tebis presents Release 6, news for 5-axis milling and turning/milling and its integrated NC Simulator


AMB: With its end-to-end CAD/CAM/MES platform, Tebis is positioning itself as an innovator in terms of Industry 4.0

Tebis AG, a specialist in CAD/CAM and MES process solutions in model, die and mold manufacturing, will be in Building C2, Booth 2B25 at this year's AMB in Stuttgart (September 18 – 22). With a wealth of trade fair news and its end-to-end CAD/CAM/MES platform, Tebis is positioning itself as an innovator in the sector for Industry 4.0.

Reiner Schmid, head of Product Management at Tebis, explains: "Anyone with Industry 4.0 on their agenda needs a digitized manufacturing environment, stored manufacturing knowledge, automated processes and highly efficient NC functions. An integral element in ensuring that the overall result is suitable with this automation is a reliable and user-friendly simulation technology. We have already been offering an integrated NC simulator in conjunction with our CAM functions for some time. With this reliable solution, we can provide companies with the ideal foundation for their path to digitization." Tebis will vividly present the operation of the CAM functions with the integrated NC Simulator at its booth*. "Our concept of offering everything in the form of an integrated solution from a single provider works perfectly for our customers," Schmid continues. "This has been demonstrated in hundreds of successful customer projects."

The manufacturer's trade fair themes include the current Release 6 – including many add-ons and new features that make 5-axis milling even more user-friendly. Tebis is also highlighting its expertise in time-saving roughing, finishing with circle-segment cutters and NC programming with templates. The CAD/CAM provider also sees itself as perfectly positioned in terms of time savings for combined turning/milling.

Further exhibit highlights from Tebis include MES software for efficient manufacturing management: The ProLeiS solution serves companies in die and mold manufacturing and mechanical engineering as a planning and control center for effective manufacturing that is accurate in every detail. Tebis has customized starter packages to enable companies of all sizes to get started with digital order control in a convenient and cost-effective manner. The company will present these in detail at its booth.



Image 1
Tebis at AMB 2018
(Image: Tebis AG)

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Tebis Industry 4.0
(Image: Tebis AG

Image 3
Reiner Schmid, head of Product Management, Tebis AG
 (Image: Tebis AG)

Image 4
5-axis milling with Tebis
(Image: Tebis AG)

Image 5
Simulation with Tebis
(Image: Tebis AG)

Image 6
Tebis circle-segment cutter
(Image: Tebis AG)

Image 7
Tebis MES
(Image: Tebis AG)




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