Elaborating a corporate strategy

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A key to a company’s success is the consistent alignment of its own efforts to the needs of its market and customers. Market and customer-oriented goals and strategies are essential for success.
We take an impartial look at your organization and can match your services with the needs of the market.

Elaborating a corporate strategy


Are you seeking future oriented strategies? We'll provide the support you need.

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Developing the vision, strategy and objectives depends on the company understanding itself sufficiently, understanding its financial position in the market, and knowing its position. We work with you to define your vision and strategy based on current market developments and trends, relevant competitors, your product portfolio, your existing resources and infrastructure, and your objectives. Determining your position is supported by our extensive industry database with comparison data and parameters from over 100 companies.

Our support for you:

  • Development of a corporate mission statement comprising a vision and mission
  • Positioning of the company based on industry-specific parameters
  • Involvement of employees, for example through surveys
  • Establishment of the mission statement internally, for example through workshops and booklets
  • Communication of the mission statement, for example by developing communication measures

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