Reduce expenditures

Effectively eliminate hidden time-wasters

Join the fight against waste, of both time and material. Tebis Consulting systematically checks each activity in your manufacturing process and looks for ways to shorten individual steps and make them more efficient. Small but hidden time-wasters can often impede your processes and make the final product more expensive: searching for the right tool, misunderstandings due to incomplete documentation, unnecessary reworking and much more. Once discovered, time-wasters can usually be quickly and effectively eliminated.

Reduce expenditures


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Although every company functions differently, they all have one thing in common: Many procedures aren’t developed through planning but instead are improvised, especially when orders are booming. They are usually not questioned or well thought-out. Consequently, there are many approaches that can save time and reduce costs. Using their practical experience, Tebis consultants work with you to find appropriate solutions and help you implement them.

Your benefits:

  • Standardized workflows prevent interruptions and extra work
  • Suitable technologies and production resources reduce reworking
  • Exact planning of resources and capacities ensures optimal utilization
  • Documentation and structure eliminate unnecessary searching
  • Improved flow of information provides an overview for subsequent processes
  • Clear assignment of roles results in clear responsibility for tasks
  • Optimized NC programs shorten time on the machine
  • Use of templates reduces design time

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