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Analyze, design, implement

"Thanks to the process and investment consulting from Tebis Consulting, we were able to increase our productivity," summarizes Tebis customer Markus Reuss. The following holds for all companies we consult for: They want to improve their productivity and efficiency, sales and profits, or change their strategic alignment for the future. External market conditions are forcing them to shorten throughput times, optimize machine utilization, program quickly and reliably and be flexible or reposition themselves. In short, they want to become and remain successful on the market or they have to reduce their manufacturing expenditure. Just one question remains: How? Tebis has developed a proven procedure that has led to success in hundreds of projects. How does it work?

A large number of factors in the industrial manufacturing process determine the current and future success of a company.

Influencing Factors in the Industrial Manufacturing Process

These aspects include goals and visions, internal expertise and strategies as well as project management, calculation and planning, the flow of information, and automation and standardization. The consultants focus on these factors—and others—depending on the specific contract. What is the situation with tools and their management? What are the setup process and the flow of material like? Is a lot of reworking needed? Is production reliable and are the machines fully utilized? Tebis works together with you to define goals that you want to achieve. Are these strategic goals, such as alignment for the future or increased sales? Or are they process-based goals such as reducing throughput times or increasing efficiency? Once the goal is clear, we are on our way.

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