Continuous manufacturing

Reduce throughput time

Countless studies show: 40 to 50 percent of a plant’s entire throughput time is caused by unnecessary idle periods. This is often due to a flawed material flow. In 90 percent of cases, idle periods can be drastically reduced by implementing simple measures. The solution consists of a critical evaluation of the supply chain and its response capability, which is the key to long-term success.
All seminars are offered in German. English seminars are available on request.

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Part 1: Basic principle of logistics flow

  • Efficiency versus fast response and supply chains
  • Comparison of products with supply-chain
  • Understanding demand structure
  • Conditions, meaning and controllability of logistics flow
  • Push-pull principle

Part 2: Basic principle of material flow

  • Understanding your own flows of material and information
  • Case study: conventional and ideal material flow
  • More information for greater reliability: ideal goods receiving
  • Fewer questions = smoother process flow
  • Case study: conventional and ideal information flow
  • Simulation of material flow
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