Creating draft angles with BRep functions separate from the mesh

I want to create a constant draft angle along an edge. So far, I've always done this with function "Surfext / Move" and imported the surfaces into my BRep model. Can I also design these draft angles directly using BRep functions?

Yes. Tebis 4.0 Release 1 lets you use various design functions that were previously only available in the Tebis standard environment, directly in BRep. These are functions "Create a profile surface" (Pipe), "Create a shift surface by angle" (Move) and "Create extended surface" (Extend). These elements can be created independently from the mesh (from the reference). When using these functions, reference switch "Use BRep reference" in the BRep toolbar is automatically deactivated.

Here's how you do it


Select function "Create a shift surface by angle" (BRep / Surf / Move). The "Parameters" dialog opens.


Select a curve on which you want to create a shift surface at an angle.


Select a vector and enter the desired angle and the length of the surface.


Click "Apply." The shift surface is generated.


Repeat these steps until you have generated all the required shift surfaces. In our example, we have generated three shift surfaces at different angles.


We fill the connection areas in our example with functions "Create profile surfaces" (BRep / Surf / Pipe) and "Create 4-edge surfaces" (BRep / Surf / Fill). All the surfaces are generated independently from the reference.


Open the context- sensitive help in function "BRep / Surf / Move" to learn more about creating shift surfaces by angle.

Open the context- sensitive help in function "BRep / Curve / Pipe" to learn more about creating profile surfaces.

Open the context- sensitive help in function "BRep / Curve / Fill" to learn more about creating 4-edge surfaces. 

Open the context-sensitive help for button "Use BRep reference" in the BRep toolbar to learn more about freely creating design elements.


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