Filtering feature display

In the "Feature/Scan" function (recognizing features from geometries), bores can be automatically assigned to library features by clicking "Auto" in the "Scan feature" dialog. Sometimes the assignment is not clear. How can I quickly find the appropriate feature without having to click through all the folders?

You can use the filter function to display all the features in the list that can be placed at the corresponding position.

Here's how you do it


Click "Filter" in the "Scan feature" dialog. The "Feature filter" dialog opens.


Make two settings: Activate the "Steps" parameter by clicking the option checkbox. This will display only those features with the same number of steps as the corresponding bores. Also activate the "Search in all sub folders" parameter. Confirm your inputs.


All features to which the corresponding geometry elements can be assigned are now displayed in the selection list. Select the desired feature and click "Insert." The features are placed in the part.


Open the context-sensitive help menu in the "Feature/Scan" function to obtain more information about assigning geometry elements to features. 

If necessary, save your settings as a template in the database.cnf default file. They are then automatically imported in each new CAD file. 

In the Tebis Help structure tree, select "Working with Tebis/Database and files/File types and file names" to obtain more information about the database.cnf file. 



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