Reducing risks and improving data export

Sometimes not all surfaces are correctly transferred on data export to other systems. What can we do in this case?

Tebis is able to repair specific problem areas in the CAD surface model completely automatically. Function "Risks" generates a data set with 100-percent tangent-continuous surfaces (C1 continuous) and a design surface layout. Data quality is significantly improved and data export is simplified.

Here's how you do it


Select command "NCPrep / Risks". The "Identify risks" dialog opens.


This function can also be called up with command "BRep / Quality / Risks".


In parameter "Original surfaces" in the display window, select the surfaces you want to make tangent-continuous with the click of a button. Confirm your inputs.


The "Check result" dialog opens. The "Result" area in our example shows that the selected surfaces exhibit a total of 703 risk areas. Option "Start correction preview" is automatically selected in the "Further steps" area. Confirm your selection. It is now checked how many of these risk areas can be automatically repaired.


The "Correction preview" dialog opens. The check result is shown in the "Results" area. In our example, the 703 risk areas can be automatically reduced to 37 risk areas. This corresponds to a repair rate of 94.7 percent. Select option "Optimize surfaces automatically" in the "Further steps" area.


You must have add-on "Surface Optimization - automatic" to be able to automatically optimize surfaces.


Confirm your inputs. The C1-continuous surfaces are saved as a CAD topology in layer "Risks".


If the correction rate is less than 100 percent as in our example, the remaining surfaces can also be manually corrected, if necessary, using function "Optimize surfaces manually". This is done with add-on "Surface Optimization - manual".

Call up the context-sensitive help in function "NCPrep / Risks" or in function "BRep / Quality / Risks" to learn more about repairing surfaces with function "Risks".


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