Using the multi-window technology

We have created a CAD file containing all of the clamping devices required for our machining steps. At this point in time, we output the required elements with PUTCAD and use GET/CAD to import them to the new file. This process is quite awkward. Is there a faster way?

Yes. Since Version 3.5 Release 7, it’s been possible to work in parallel in multiple CAD files. This functionality also enables you to quickly and easily copy elements from one file to another.

Here's how you do it


Open the CAD file containing your clamping devices.


Select the elements you want to copy and set them to visible.


Click any position in the view window and select the "Copy" command in the context menu.


Select the elements to be copied and if required, a reference axis system.

If you want to copy only one element, you can position the mouse pointer directly on the desired element when you select the "Copy" command. In this case, the system will automatically select the corresponding element.


Confirm your inputs.


Select the "File/New" command. A new file opens. This file contains the structure of your database.cnf file.


In the new file, select the layer on which you want to insert the copied elements.


Click any position in the view window and select the "Insert" command in the context menu. The copied element will be inserted.


  • Using the "Window" menu option, you can switch between the CAD files at any time.
  • You can also copy NC machining steps, NC programs, and NCJobs from the Job Manager of one CAD file to the Job Manager of a different CAD file.

In the "Window" menu option, call up the context-sensitive help for more information about the multi-window technology.


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