Manufacturing Preparation

Preparation is half the battle

The add-ons from the manufacturing preparation category are specifically intended for optimal preparation of the CAD model for all subsequent NC processes in die, mold and model manufacturing. Faster, more reliable and more cost-effective processing. Depending on the requirement, these add-ons can be combined with add-ons from other categories such as NC Automation.

Manufacturing Preparation


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The Electrode Preparation add-on consists of a complete collection of functions to derive electrodes for die sinking EDM from the mold geometry with no special prior knowledge, supplement them technically, manage them and prepare them for manufacturing and quality measurement.


  • One system for preparing and manufacturing electrodes and sinker EDM
  • Automation of routine tasks
  • Ensuring quality
  • High process reliability


  • Detection of EDM areas in part geometry
  • Easy derivation of EDM surfaces
  • Generation of displacement and tangential extension faces on electrodes
  • Assistant-supported generation of complete electrodes
  • Libraries for generated electrodes, blanks and holders
  • Automated manufacturing of repeat electrodes as well as EDM paths
  • Management of electrode information in bills of materials
  • Preparation of accompanying documents with all parameters at the touch of a button


  • Derivation of part geometry from sink electrodes for manufacturing

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