Manufacturing Preparation

Preparation is half the battle

The add-ons from the manufacturing preparation category are specifically intended for optimal preparation of the CAD model for all subsequent NC processes in die, mold and model manufacturing. Faster, more reliable and more cost-effective processing. Depending on the requirement, these add-ons can be combined with add-ons from other categories such as NC Automation.

Manufacturing Preparation


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You can use the NC Geometry Preparation add-on to prepare your CAD models with a high degree of automation and make them suitable for subsequent NC programming work. Several of the functions are tailored to special high quality NC functions and strategies such as milling grooves or surface finishing with a spatially constant step.


  • Optimal part preparation for subsequent machining
  • Significantly reduce programming times
  • Ensure consistent quality
  • Reduce costs and throughput times


  • Analyze slots and prepare for subsequent NC machining based on machining sequence
  • Generate center curves
  • Generate tool and alignment-dependent guide curves for machining component surfaces with constant step (curve synchronous, Z-variable)
  • Structured saving of generated elements for automatic NC programming


  • Analyzing, structuring and preparing parts for subsequent NC programming

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