Machining functions for every need

Add-ons from the manufacturing category are optimized for machining tasks that occur regularly in the process chains of die, mold and model manufacturing. These add-ons give you perfect manufacturing results and maximum process reliability. You can therefore very easily expand your industry and special packages as needed.



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You can use this add-on to prepare multi-axis NC programs in off-line operation for trimming carbon and glass fiber-reinforced and composite plastic parts. Teach-in is completely eliminated and the processes are accelerated in series production and die, model and mold manufacturing.


  • Reduce programming expenditure
  • Automated solution for trim machining
  • Cost-effectively machine plastic and carbon and glass fiber-reinforced parts
  • Prevent collisions, increase reliability
  • More effectively utilize machines


  • Generate contour trim programs automatically or step-by-step in the dialog
  • Quick and precise interactive graphical alignment of spindle head
  • Detect standard geometric contours such as holes, slots or rectangles and output as machine macros
  • Monitor entire spindle head for collisions
  • Quickly generate mirrored, rotated, shifted or scaled copies of a cut
  • Include precisely referenced corrections (e.g., by vehicle position)
  • Transparently save part changes and versions
  • NC program modifications can be read on the machine in Tebis
  • Easily align part
  • Support for technical subroutines, like transferring table-based cutting parameters to the NC program


  • Manufacturing prototypes and series parts
  • Machining 3D profiles
  • Trimming plastic and composite parts
  • Deburring of mold parts 

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