Manufacture flexibly and cost-effectively

The Manufacturing special packages allow you to integrate cost-effective and flexible Tebis workstations into your CAD/CAM process chain. Lay the foundation for reliable, automated and cost-effective manufacturing. These workstations let you access the Job Manager that organizes the entire manufacturing operation, use NC libraries with the virtual models of tools and machines as well as the methods knowledge stored in NC templates. You can also import data from other systems, analyze geometry, repair models and supplement them with wireframe and surface geometries. In floating environments, it’s easy to use the Manufacturing special packages in combination with shared add-ons such as prismatic machining or 5-axis surface machining.



Use customized workstations − with Tebis:

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Exactly what you need. We know your requirements, and we know what the market expects. Your major advantage: Tebis has the right solution for you, with two versions of the Manufacturing special packages.

Manufacturing Standard

The universal workstation for reading in CAD data, preparing parts for subsequent Tebis NC processes and simulating and outputting NC programs to the control. Ideal for flexible use of a wide range of shared add-ons in a floating environment. Expandable with add-ons like Surface Design plus, Surface Optimization - automatic, Electrode Preparation, Feature Technology - ruled form, 2.5D Drilling and Milling plus and 5-Axis Side Milling.

Manufacturing Pro

The cost-effective and flexible workstation to make optimal use of the Tebis surface and Job Manager technology. Ideally suited for shifting daily tasks. Easily combined with a wide range of shared add-ons in floating environments. Includes the scope of Manufacturing Standard. Expandable with add-ons like Active Surface Preparation, Exact Solid Preparation, Reverse Engineering - classic, Feature Technology - free form, NC Geometry Preparation, Surface Modeling and Surface Morphing.

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