A window to the virtual world

Tebis Viewer special packages bridge the gap between the virtual computer world of CAD and CAM and the real processes in planning, manufacturing and assembly. The software provides personnel with the necessary information and lays the foundation for precise calculation and effective work preparation. It ensures that the correct tools are output and that all data relevant for manufacturing, such as for tools, setup and NC programs, are available at the milling machine. The Viewer special packages prevent unnecessary requests for further information and interruptions and ensure smooth processing.



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The Viewer special packages optimize your manufacturing flow:

  • Paperless manufacturing
  • Information for personnel is always up to date
  • Consistent flow of information is ensured
  • Reliably calculate and plan manufacturing
  • Reduced idle, setup and downtime
  • Can be used even with no extensive CAD/CAM experience
  • Quick and easy operation
  • No size limitations

The Viewer special packages improve the flow of information between Design and Manufacturing and ensure complete, up-to-date documentation with clear version levels.
Throughput is accelerated, especially in connection with Tebis CAD/CAM workplaces, with simultaneously increased process reliability. Because the CAD record set includes all information gathered during processing, personnel has access to the same centrally stored and up-to-date data. This prevents misunderstandings in internal communication.

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