Circular-segment cutters: Finishing with large path distances

Fast machining, perfect result.


With circular-segment cutters, the radii in the cutting area are considerably larger than with traditional ball cutters. These modern high-performance cutters can be used to pre-finish and finish planes and free-form surfaces extremely efficiently. You can achieve a uniform surface roughness with a significantly larger path distance; your machining time is greatly reduced, and you achieve outstanding surface quality. 

In this example, circular-segment and ball cutters have the same diameter of 10 millimeters. However, the circular-segment cutter has a radius of 250 millimeters in the cutting area, while the ball cutter only has a radius of five millimeters. 

Video: Machining with circular-segment and ball cutters: A comparison. 

Tebis for all types of circular-segment cutters

Tebis recommends using circular-segment cutters with oval, lenticular, barrel or tangential tapered geometry depending on the specific manufacturing requirements. The significant advantage of Tebis: All tool contours can be quickly and easily established in a single curve and represented one-to-one in the tool library. You have complete flexibility and can work independent of the tool manufacturer’s geometry specifications.    

Radii for circular-segment cutters with tapered, oval, barrel and lenticular geometry

Create any tool contours from curves and simulate in Tebis

Suitable for 3- and 5-axis machining operations

Circular-segment cutters are suitable for both 3-axis tilted machining and for 5-axis simultaneous machining. You gain a double speed advantage from Tebis in 5-axis machining: Select multiple surfaces with just a mouse click with no extra design effort and machine them with high-performance circular-segment cutters. 

3-axis tilted machining with circular-segment cutters

5-axis simultaneous machining with circular-segment cutters


Video: 5-axis side milling with a circular-segment cutter.

Your benefits in the overall process

  • Short manufacturing time
  • Outstanding surface quality


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