CNC drilling

CNC drilling for all drilling tasks

With Tebis, you can perform all drilling tasks – including centering, countersinking, reaming, thread cutting, thread milling and milling fits. Special functions can also be used to represent individual control cycles in the software.

You have the option to create the NC programs in a highly automated process using templates and Tebis feature technology. These features do not necessarily need to be created in Tebis: You can also simply import them from the design system via the direct interface. Alternatively, the geometries can be programmed with individual functions without automation. Protected surfaces are taken into account for the shortest possible traverse movements. 

Another advantage: You can also simply import 2D geometries into Tebis based on drawings.


Tebis has all the functions you need for drilling, chip breaking and removal, for manufacturing countersinks, for reaming and boring fits and for drilling and milling threads. Multi-sided complete machining is simple to set up in an NC program, including collision control and optimized retracts. 

Mill drilling

The functions for mill drilling are precisely matched to all bore types and circular pockets. Drilling and mill drilling operations can be easily combined: For example, you can quickly pre-drill and then machine the remaining material by milling. These geometries can also be machined in spiral or helical paths for longer tool life.

Back machining

All functions for drilling and mill drilling are also available for back boring and back-drill milling. This allows you to manufacture parts in a single setup. 

Your benefits in the overall process

  • End-to-end machining
  • Automated NC programming
  • Optimal traverse paths
  • Long tool life

Tips from practice

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