2018 Tebis Open House

Technology days for decision-makers

06/20/2018 - 06/21/2018

The Tebis Open House will be held on June 20 and 21. Only at Tebis can you find your most important technology partners gathered together in one place. Current industry issues will be addressed and solutions discussed.

We bring it all together

Need for qualified personnel and automation • Design and manufacturing • CAD/CAM and MES • Planning and control • 5-axis milling and your requirements • Turning and milling • Real manufacturing and virtual manufacturing • Tools and management • Quality and cost effectiveness • You and us • You and others

Over the course of two days, we will present technology to align your company for future success, examples of end-to-end manufacturing processes and the latest from Tebis software:

  • 5-axis milling at the highest level
  • Super-fast NC calculation
  • ProLeiS starter packages
  • Convenient management of cutting data
  • Simplified parametric design

For managers and users

Every company in die, model and mold manufacturing has to position itself in management, in machine technology, in CAD and in CAM and – what is increasingly important – in MES. We'll cover the following topics with you:


  • Industry 4.0
  • Need for qualified personnel
  • Company structure
  • Knowledge bases
  • Response capability
  • Getting started in MES

Machine technology:

  • New Tebis multi-channel technology for programming and simulating multitasking machines
  • Additional machine and clamping components in Tebis' virtual machine environment (= machine units) with new simplified user handling
  • Meet with our partners (machines and tools)


  • New Tebis parameter-based and solid design technology
  • Interfaces
  • Data processing for manufacturing
  • Active surface design
  • Free-form surface design
  • Reverse engineering
  • Meet with our partners (scanning systems)


  • New functions for 5-axis milling
  • Even faster NC calculation
  • New automatic tilt adjustment
  • New Job Manager for NC machining planning
  • New global cutting data assignment
  • New configurable NC output
  • New Tebis clamping device library including connection to external clamping device library
  • Tebis tool library with new global editing of cutting data
  • New collision check accounting for material removal
  • New analysis function for kinematics problems
  • Multiple setup
  • New turning, milling/turning features
  • Meet with our partners (clamping device libraries, tool libraries)


  • Data management starter package
  • Detailed planning starter package
  • Machine data acquisition starter package

About the agenda

  • High-profile presentations by Tebis customers (interpreters will provide simultaneous translations into English/German)
  • Practice-oriented presentations of new product developments
  • Inspiring discussions with Tebis consultants and implementers
  • Opportunities to network with experts and colleagues from your industry

You are cordially invited to attend. We look forward to seeing you.

Recap of Tebis Open House 2017

Events overview

Event location

Tebis Technische Informationssysteme AG Einsteinstr. 39 82152 Martinsried/Planegg, Germany
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