A better future through education

Tebis supports SOS Children's Villages in Burundi


Tebis recently made a donation to the education center at SOS Children's Villages Rutana in Burundi (Africa), enabling more children there to go to school and thus have a better future. Commitment to social responsibility is an integral part of Tebis's principles and is supported by the entire workforce.

With the SOS Children’s Villages Rutana in Burundi, Tebis AG is now supporting an international social project. The EUR 3,500 donation enabled important construction work to continue at the SOS Hermann-Gmeiner school in Rutana, expanding the school and providing a better educational environment. (left image: New construction with library and teachers' room)

Helping instead of looking the other way

With the motto "helping instead of looking the other way," Tebis employees and management regularly support social projects. Bernhard Rindfleisch, chairman of the Board, rounded up the EUR 1,151 donated by employees to EUR 3,500 in the name of Tebis AG. Commitment to social responsibility is an integral part of Tebis AG's principles and is supported by the entire workforce: They independently select organizations and projects and raise donations. For example, they supported three regional institutions in Munich, Göppingen and Bad Dürrheim in Germany during the previous Christmas campaign "Donations rather than gifts“ .

Better education in new classrooms

A 165-square-meter block for three new classrooms was built as part of the construction project for the SOS Hermann-Gmeiner school in Rutana. A new library, a science laboratory and a multi-purpose building with a cafeteria and study area also ensure a more productive learning environment. There are also new washrooms (left image), a teachers' room and a veranda. The SOS Hermann-Gmeiner school now includes a primary school with six grades and a middle school up to the ninth grade. After completing this part of their education, the children can then attend a secondary school.


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