Perfect programs for robots


Industrial robots hold the potential for greater value creation in the process chain. For example, the investment and maintenance costs are lower than for a machine center. This results in significantly lower operating costs for a given operating area.

You can take full advantage of the potential benefits of robots with Tebis 4.0. Cost-effective and space-saving 6-axis articulated robots are now fully integrated in the Tebis CAD/CAM environment and in the Job Manager. It therefore makes no difference whether you program your manufacturing with a milling machine or with a robot; you follow exactly the same simple procedure in both cases. Software for subsequent robot simulation is not necessary. You also benefit in robot programming in Tebis from the fact that all toolpaths are calculated based on all information, such as setup, robot Kinematics and axis limit positions. Singularities are therefore automatically prevented.

Robots are ideally suited for all machining needs with lower accuracy requirements. Light materials like foams (Ureol, Styrofoam) and aluminum can be milled, laser trimmed or welded and deburred. Robots do a good job of reworking surfaces because they can grind, polish and peen with constant surface quality. This lets you reduce manual reworking and thus throughput time.

Robots represent economically interesting alternatives to conventional machines, especially in combination with Tebis.


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