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Trainee competition for model makers


Tebis is a sponsor of the 2017 trainee competition for technical model makers, which will be held throughout Germany. The organizer is the Federal Association of Model and Mold Manufacturers.

The trainee competition will be held for the fourth time in 2017. Tebis has sponsored the event from the start. Tebis does so to promote the future of model-making, and sees itself as a partner in an important competition for young talent in the sector. The goal is to promote technical expertise, manual skill and independent development of new solutions.

This year’s task is to design a control or steering wheel for a vehicle, no matter whether it is a car, bicycle, ship or spaceship. Trainees have to consider the control possibilities of the future when designing, engineering and constructing the steering wheel. A jury will select three winners from the submissions. They will be recognized on May 26 at the Association conference in the Düsseldorf Chamber of Trade Industries.

German Design Award for last year's winner

The program to promote new personnel has had its first success: Last year's winner Tillmann Schrempf (Modellbau Kurz) was honored with the "German Design Award - Special Mention" on Friday, February 10. This trophy will be awarded to all future winners of the trainee competition for technical model makers. The trophy represents a chip on the block of material from which it is formed, which also serves as the trophy base. The jury was especially impressed by the clear design with a high degree of recognition.


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