Programming with the latest tool data

Tebis introduces an online interface to Zoller tool management


If you use many different machining tools, you also have to manage them. Technical and logistical data must be accounted for and various departments informed. The new online interface between Tebis and Zoller TMS greatly simplifies processes.

How to get to your tool data

Companies who use Zoller TMS tool management solutions manage all their tool data in this database. Tebis now provides a new solution that allows all users in NC programming and manufacturing to access the data. A Tebis tool management server that uses a web service to regularly call up all the current tool data in the Zoller TMS is installed.

Tebis tool management has access to the latest tool information in Zoller TMS

The individual Tebis workplaces in NC programming and manufacturing, in turn, use the Tebis tool management server as a client, giving them access to the latest information in the tool library. All drilling and milling tools with their cutting data stored in Zoller TMS are now available for NC programming. When NC programming is complete, a setup sheet with a list of required tools is returned to Zoller TMS, so that the tools will be available.

The integration of turning tools and transfer of the remaining available service life of individual cutters are still in development.

Benefits for the entire process

This solution provides several benefits for the user. All tool data—both logistical and technical information—are stored in a central database. Tool presetting devices can also be fully integrated into the process. Employees in NC programming and manufacturing have permanent access to the latest status of the tools and can see what is actually available. Because the Tebis tool management server buffers the data from Zoller TMS, the latest data status is available at Tebis workstations in case of scheduled or unscheduled service measures in the Zoller TMS database. Heterogeneous system landscapes can also be supported by managing tool information outside of the CAM system. Because the tool contours are also transferred, special tool geometries such as barrel cutters and other HPC cutters can also be used. On the other hand, Tebis can check each tool use with the actual contour of the complete tool to ensure collision-free operation, preventing unpleasant surprises during manufacturing. 


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