Size is no object: Tebis Consulting presents a new product

Project management for die, model and mold manufacturing


Tebis has brought a new service to the market with "Project management for die, model and mold manufacturing": With proven methods and industry-specific expertise, Tebis Consulting is introducing this professional approach to small and medium-sized companies. Customized solutions enable these companies to process their orders with optimal efficiency in terms of scheduling, quality and cost, regardless of the size of the order.

Efficient planning, implementation and controlling of projects is a challenge for many small and medium-sized die and mold manufacturers, because they are increasingly confronted with dynamic markets, shorter innovation cycles and increasingly complex requirements for component manufacturing. Resource and capacity planning quickly loses accuracy, or unexpected expenditures and conflicts result when customer requirements change. As a result, project costs run out of control, supply management is not optimal and the flow of information is not transparent enough.

Successful project management allows companies to efficiently complete their orders according to the agreed conditions for deadlines, cost, quality and scope. This ensures that companies function at peak capacity and always take the most efficient and professional approach. This gives die and mold manufacturers a clear competitive advantage in winning new orders. With "Project management for die, model and mold manufacturing," the Tebis Consulting staff helps manufacturers lay an appropriate foundation and provides the required tools and structures. The consultants advise their customers and offer implementation support. Upon the customer's request, they can also assume responsibility for project management and support internal project implementation.








Factors for successful projects


Establishing a project culture

For example, in its consulting and implementation activities, Tebis checks the quality of routine project work.

The specialists also identify weaknesses in the project process and develop a protocol for analyzing the current situation and target concepts. Then they optimize project management within the company or introduce it for the first time. Tebis develops customized templates and individual procedures for this purpose. And, because the process always involves humans, Tebis places great emphasis on developing a suitable project culture. The services offered also include training team members, personal coaching and support for the project manager. Model and mold manufacturers that rely on this service from Tebis Consulting can improve and optimize their project efficiency and effectively control and monitor project procedures. The consultants can detect project risks, additional expenditures and other problems in advance, and can help to better plan the company's resources. They work to reduce the potential for conflict with their customers and establish more transparent information flows.












Deciding factors in the introduction of project management by Tebis Consulting

Proven in practice

Josef Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik GmbH in Ingolstadt was convinced by these benefits.

The company's offering: everything from a single source, high-quality, cost-effective and at the promised deadline. This means that the manufacturer must always process customer orders as efficiently as possible. This medium-sized company turned to Tebis with the goal of ensuring long-term capability for its customers. Read more about it in the user report.

More information is provided in Consulting solutions: Implementation of project management.




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