Tebis America 2017 Technical Sessions Recap


Throughout the summer Tebis America held Technical Sessions for customers and prospects alike at various locations in North America. The sessions focused on the new and noteworthy features in Version 4.0 Release 4, the latest release of our CAD/CAM process solutions. Beginning in May and concluding in late July the Tebis America team presented in five different cities across the US and Canada that have a strong customer base as well as manufacturing market. Sessions were held in Windsor and Toronto, Canada along with Troy and Grand Rapids, Michigan and Greenville, South Carolina.

Tebis Technical Session at Seco Tool in Troy, MI

Attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive, customers felt the sessions improved their knowledge and skills in Tebis and many were able to get their individual pains and concerns addressed one on one.  As one customer put it, “Great workshop!  Would recommend attending to further your knowledge on Tebis' latest technology.  The support team is growing and providing great service.” 

The technical content included a broad range of topics, all of which had significant improvements made for the new release.  Such topics included, new design and data prep functionality as well as enhancements to 2/3/5 axis milling, deep hole drilling and laser trimming.  Each session had breakfast and lunch on-site which provided a good networking opportunity between Tebis personnel and direct users.  Also included were free giveaways from t-shirts to Tebis fidget spinners!

Technical Session at HSM Technologies in Windsor, ON

If you were not able to attend a session do not worry, we have you covered.  On the video page of our website you can find a condensed, webinar version of the content presented in both English and Spanish. 

Lastly, keep an eye out for details on upcoming Tebis Interaction Sessions.  Enjoy some lunch on Tebis while tackling your most crucial questions and concerns with our Application Engineers.  These will be held at our office in Troy, MI as well as Windsor, ON for our customers in Canada.  Sessions are scheduled for October 20th, November 17th and December 15th.


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