Tebis at Alpex

From zero to 100 in three months


The Austrian firm ALPEX Technologies GmbH changed its CAD/CAM system in the first quarter of 2015, completely switching its processes over to Tebis and optimizing them.

ALPEX Technologies is a specialized provider of high-quality manufacturing equipment for the manufacturing of high-performance composite parts, especially for the aerospace and automotive industries. The entire process, from the decision to phase out the old CAD/CAM system to complete conversion to Tebis, took only three months. Tebis Implementation personnel played no small role in this quick reorganization with their successful support of the processes at Alpex. The Tebis implementers provided an essentially turnkey solution including installation, testing, postprocessors, virtual machines and documentation – a comprehensive product otherwise known as customer satisfaction. The AXA VPC 55 U gantry machining center procured at the same time was seamlessly integrated. Tebis personnel often fulfilled requests and requirements from Alpex on the same day. "We were surprised by the quick responses of the people from Tebis. They kept all their promises. The holistic approach was also very positive for us, as it gave us new ideas. As a result, we're more productive than before, despite the changeover. We were very positively surprised by the great prompt support from Tebis," said Operations Manager Gerhard Miller in summarizing the work in recent months. Alpex's comprehensive technology includes four complete Tebis CAD/CAM workstations, a direct interface to CATIA, 5-axis simultaneous milling machines, 5-axis trimmers, multiple setup, a simulator and two viewer stations.


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