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For the first time, Tebis has offered a lecture in the comprehensive two-semester, 12 semester-hour ongoing professional training course "Project manager (University of Applied Sciences) for die and mold manufacturing" at the Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences. The course was held by Jens Lüdtke, head of the Tebis Consulting department with headquarters in Göppingen.

The lecture was held in the context of the presentation on methods, processes and organizational structures. Together with the 17 students, Lüdtke examined the current market situation in die and mold manufacturing. "Among other things, we analyzed the external factors organizations have to confront in order to remain competitive," explains the head of Consulting. "These include the price situation, globalization and the increasing shortage of qualified personnel." It's critical for every operation to improve production efficiency. Briefly:  They must achieve greater output with the same time expenditure and resources. "Individual interfering factors which they can control frequently arise in the companies. These affect areas such as strategic alignment, machine productivity, the setup process or the calculation and planning process," Lüdtke describes. Operating processes can be improved with the appropriate value creation strategies.

A trending topic in the syllabus was also Industry 4.0 and its significance for medium-sized companies. "Companies are increasingly confronted with this," says Lüdtke. However, this also entails changes that personnel have to accept and identify with. A corresponding guideline was developed together with the students.

"We have already been working very closely together with the German Association of Tool and Mold Manufacturers (VDWF) for several years," reports Lüdtke. "Mold and die manufacturing are very dear to our hearts. We are therefore highly committed and want to pass on our comprehensive knowledge to new young talent." This was the first lecture for Tebis. "The presentation was very well received by the students. So we are planning a joint lecture in the next iteration of "Project manager (University of Applied Sciences) for die and mold manufacturing" to start in the 2015/16 winter semester,” stresses Professor Thomas Seul, vice rector for Research and Transfer at the University. "We have already reserved the deadline." Tebis is planning similar cooperative efforts with other universities and hopes to also increasingly establish itself as a process provider and resource for knowledge in the industry.


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