Tebis website revised


In keeping with the new year, we have refreshed the look of our website as well as its structure. Now you can find desired topics even faster with just a few clicks. Take a look for yourself.

Software and Services – Tebis Software and Tebis Services complement each other. Therefore "Software" is now a separate menu item. As before, it provides all the information you need to know about Tebis packages and add-ons. The "Strengths" submenu also explains why you can use Tebis to efficiently and reliably manufacture high-quality parts. Learn how to improve your competitiveness with Tebis as a service partner under "Services".

Processes –The "Processes" menu item has been completely revised. Tebis provides highly automated and flexible process solutions – discover how these processes actually look and which are appropriate for your industry sector, company and customer requirements.

In practice – Software and Services have to prove themselves. Look at the articles under the new "In practice" menu item to learn about our customers’ results with Tebis, how you can use Tebis yourself, what our experts say about Tebis solutions, and how Tebis is discussed in technical articles.


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Services for processes


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