Improve project management

Better order management in die, model and mold manufacturing

Small- and medium-sized companies are confronted with dynamic markets, shorter innovation cycles and increasingly complex requirements. Processing orders as efficiently as possible is therefore more and more important and has become a true competitive factor. A well-planned, monitored and controlled project ensures that you can manage your orders as expected by the customer – within the agreed time, budget, quality and scope.

Improve project management


Effective scheduling, finance and quality in every customer project:

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  • Industry-specific project management experience
  • Professional project management tools
  • Tebis project management methods
  • Development of standardized procedures and templates
  • Identification and implementation of target conditions
  • Inspiring your personnel to see the advantages of professional project management
  • Company-wide implementation of project management
  • Instruction, training, coaching

Dranw from practice: project management at Josef Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik GmbH

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