Setup processes for single-part manufacturing

Simply reduce downtimes

Successful survival in the current market is determined by expertise in manufacturing engineering. Organizations must consider their production capacity, throughput times and flexibility in order to supply their customers on time. The better the setup processes are organized, the more quickly machines can be set up, and the longer they can remain in productive operation.
All seminars are offered in German. English seminars are available on request.

Benefit from Tebis expertise:

Expand your knowledge of the manufacturing process. The focus is on a strategic evaluation of the specific and overall advantages of an efficient and future-oriented setup process. This seminar enables you to make well-informed decisions for an optimal and economical configuration of setup procedures.

The one-day seminar gave us insights into the options provided by external setup, regardless of the CAD/CAM system being used. Obtaining this level of knowledge through personal research would have required significantly more time.

Lars Schumann, SD Automotive GmbH

Case studies clearly and comprehensibly demonstrate the potential associated with the implementation of a modern and cost-effective setup process. Sample calculations of savings potentials provide a foundation for considering the economic aspects of possible investments. You will learn about the positive side-effects of a change, such as operation of multiple machines and multiple setup, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of systems developed in-house.

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