Update training, Version 4.0 Release 6

In our one-day update training, participants will learn about and use all the relevant new features in Version 4.0 Release 6. They will also learn how the highest performance and most modern tools from different manufacturers can be most efficiently used in practice. Keywords here are roughing with HPC cutters (high-performance cutting), roughing and prefinishing with HFC cutters (high-feed cutting) and finishing with circular-segment cutters.

  • 5-axis simultaneous milling
  • 3+2-axis milling
  • 2.5D drilling and milling
  • Tool management
  • Machine technology
  • Job planning
  • High-efficiency adaptive roughing with HPC tools
  • Roughing and prefinishing at high feed rates with HFC tools
  • Machine steep part areas with large path distances using circle-segment cutters with barrel and lenticular geometry

You can also register for this training in combination with our special training for 5-axis simultaneous milling. We are offering both training courses together at the special price of €720. No matter whether the user already uses Tebis for 5-axis simultaneous milling or has no prior experience in this area – this training is definitely worthwhile.

Register for combined training.

We also have a very special offer if you are not yet using any add-ons for 5-axis simultaneous milling in your company: Visiting the combined two-day training entitles you to test all the add-ons for 5-axis simultaneous milling for two months, free of charge and with absolutely no obligation. You can then purchase these add-ons for half the list price.

Click here for further information on our special offer for 5-axis simultaneous milling.

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