Automatic area reduction in turning jobs

Automatic area reduction is integrated in the Tebis Lathe module. When calculating a turning job, I’m getting the message “Toolpath not collision-free.” Why is this happening, and what’s the fastest way for me to get a collision-free job?

The area is reduced so that it can generally be machined collision-free with the tool in use. If the message “Toolpath not collision-free” is displayed, the path layout may need to be adapted. In our example, a collision would occur if the entire area were machined with the “Flow cut” strategy in a single pass. In our example, you have the option of dividing the area during the calculation. By doing this, the front portion is first completely removed. A collision is avoided.

Here's how you do it


Click the BACK button until the TURNING AREAS dialog is displayed.


Click “Break.”


In the view window, select the area you would like to break.


Then select the start and end points of the line where the area is to be broken.


The simulation shows that the front area is machined first, and then the back area.


  • In our example, an alternative solution to the problem would be to select a different strategy (“Plane” or “Contour-parallel”).
  • If there are several areas, the areas can be re-sorted if necessary. 

In the interactive step control, open the context-sensitive help menu to obtain more information about individually adapting the machining areas during the calculation.


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